We are „Klein Alischer Saat“ the seed of Klein Alisch, our Village in Transsylvania, Mures county, Romania.

The name of our association in the official language of our country, Romanian, is „Asociatia Sămânţa Seleuşul – Mic“.

We lobby for the stimulation, conservation and evolution of the multi ethnic transsylvanian adjacencies and the European vision of regions and common values.

Therefore we have a hand in maintaining transsylvanian-saxon culture, our typical houses and our evangelical church.

We also conduct and support local sustainable agriculture. Our objective is to source all kind of food and energy for self supply, devoided of the purchase of any raw material and energy from outside the village.

We live in active neighbourhood with all residents of Klein Alisch, respect their personality, their culture and see them open eyed and open minded. The new living energy of our planet Gaia, we receive, and accept it with our open spirit and bright heart.


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