All participants in our agriculture are living.

Our initial objective of doing agriculture is to achieve self supply in food and feed.

Nature is our partner that gives us the means to work the land and to all plants their energy to grow. By time we are seeing that we do not understand all natural transactions we deal with, this encourages us to even more respect nature and open our mind for learning and start finding our feet.

So we quest to work only with plants that produce germinating seeds and to use inherited old varieties. A plant is a living being, interchanging with all live around it, other plants, the soil, us human beings as well as air, water and the sun. Our influence on that natural process shall be a minimum, just the necessary to obtain the yield we need as food for us.

We cultivate the soil to suit the needs of the crop that shall grow, applying our knowledge and opinion at the date. The less deeper we turn the soil, the better we think it is. As soil is full of life too, we see the plants that grow beside crop as messenger which we try to understand. We deeply appreciate the job the soil does for us, consequently we use only plants and manure from our animals as fertilizer.

From the animals living with us we get milk, eggs and meat. Of course we intend to give them a habitat that is the closest possible to to their natural one, which is quite easy for our cattle as it is on the pasture with exception of two to three months in winter. Whereas poultry has to be kept in the yards behind the houses; that is far away from the woodlands of their origin.

All participants in our agriculture are living and in permanent exchange. As we are aware of this and participate actively, we call this living agriculture.

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